Thursday, January 24, 2008

I think I have gotten most of you put up in the side bar if you don't see your self please let me know. I will be emailing those of you who wish to help thank you for that. I broke my foot and am not able to get to the computer as much as I want so if you email me and don't hear back right away don't worry I will get to you I promise! You can go ahead and start posting to the blog if you wish Some of you had asked about that I don't mind at all I just ask that you bear with me for the next few weeks. !! Happy knitting

P.S. There will be a Harry Potter Cake on Ace of Cake on Food Network starting at 10:30 tonight!!

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Megaera Black said...

I'm sorry to hear you broke your foot! I hope you have some good healing potions to a quick recovery. Take care,