Monday, January 28, 2008


Edit: This round will be more like the first one, there different upstream and downstream pals
If you have a partner in a different year than you you send them a package for the year that they are in.
I only sent out a few partners today I can only sit at my desk a little bit at a time I will be sending out partners everyday and you should all have them by the weekend. I thank you all for you patience and understanding! Thanks

I made it to my computer today so, I am going to start getting partners out today. So start watching your emails. :) I have 3 people that have not accepted there blog invites yet please make sure that you check your secret emails to. If anyone can make some buttons or a banner for the blog that would be great I am not very good at that so if anyone would like to be my guest! I should have all of you in the right place now if you still don't see your name let me know! Hope everyone is getting ready!! Happy Knitting

Headmistress Cassandra


Tanya said...

Great job! Just got my partner. Question: is this like last year where 2 pals get each other or are there different upstream and downstream pals. Just curious.

Perpetua Phoenixfire said...

I have my partner, yay! One silly question though. I'm a second year and my partner is a first year. Do I send the first or second year package?

silly sarahs said...

cant wait to get my partner. I ordered yarn in each house color... My son will benefit nicely