Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Angel Package Arrived!

Greetings Hogwarts Students,

I posted the details of my wonderful package from my angel, Ophelia B., on my blog.. I am very pleased to have had such a generous angel. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I look forward to the start of round 4!

Celestina Crookshanks

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Headmistress is staying!!

:::tears up silly board notice saying Headmistress is leaving:::

:::sends pieces of torn up notice to various points of the compass:::

:::thinks a moment, then hurries to find them & dispose of them properly *before* said Headmistress catches her:::

:::looks innocent while picking up sock yarn and needles:::

Friday, June 13, 2008

We are still on for number 4

Ok so now that everyone has an angel and getting their packages I have sat down and come up with some new rules and the swap will start taking sign ups July 16th for those of you that participated in this one. Thank you to all of you that volunteered to be angels! I will be posting to the new blog in about a week with all the rules and I will need a Head Girl/Boy for every house and prefects so if you are interested in this send me an email. The new blog can be found here.
So keep an eye out have a great weekend!!! Happy knitting!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cassandra, please don't let the actions of others cause the rest of us to lose you. Just ban them from participating in future sock swaps. There may well be good reasons for their non-finishing status ... but I can think of very few reasons that might excuse the rudeness of not replying to anyone about it. Death (of the member or a member of their family), permanent injuries to hands/fingers (but someone else could post for them, even if no one else could knit for them), serious depression incident (been there, done that, could understand it). Something *really* serious .... but there are very few reasons that could excuse the rudeness ... the only one I can think of off-hand is someone who lives by themself, has no friends or family, and then has a serious problem. Very few people fit that criteria.... most have at least someone who could post a message for them.

So, again ... please .... YOU did your job, and did it beautifully. MOST people completed their responsibilities in the swap. People will step up to take on the responsibilities of those who flaked out .... please stay.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Haza to Cassandra Grubbly Plank for being such a Great!!!!!!! Coordinator. We could not have done it with out you. Thank you for all your time and hard work. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am sorry to say

That I am not going to do the next swap I am very upset that people are not sending their packages and not returning emails. The swap has been over for 2 months, April 18th was the deadline and it is now June 6th, and I still have about 10 people who have not heard from or gotten anything from their pals. I am very disapointed.
The people who played by the rules were great and it is almost enough for me to host again but it is killing me that there are people who spent lots of time and money getting thier packages out on time to get nothing in return. If I had the money I would send them something myself. I am really sorry for those of you who did not get a package I would say keep emailing your pal but I feel it is a lost cause they won't be kind enough to reply. If someone wants to take over that is fine and I will give you a list of all the rotton swappers.
There are 2 people that I want to thank for sending 2 packages Mary Twitchell, and Trisia Hesse-Tresider thank you so much you went above and beyond.
If anyone wants to be an angle for these wonderful people to at least get something small that would be great just send me an email.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something else to share :)

I know I'm not the only one who's a sucker for those gorgeous hand-dyed yarns for our socks. But they come in skeins you have to make into balls, and if you knit (as I always have) from the outside of the ball, then it rolls all over the place, picking up dust bunnies and other assorted wild critters.

I was wandering around looking for something else, following links off of links, and read the following. I didn't write down or bookmark where I got it from since I wasn't really thinking about doing this at the time - I was more interested in tracking down the pattern I wanted. But a few weeks later, when I needed to make a ball from a skein, I remembered it & tried it. This works well and maybe others will find it useful as well.

Take an empty toilet tissue roll and cut a very short slice into it at one end. Anchor the end of your yarn skein there so it will stay in place. Now start rolling your yarn on the roll using a figure 8 configuration and slowing working your way around the roll. You don't want all your yarn in one place ... you are constructing an inside pull-out ball. Once all the yarn is on the roll, tuck the outside end underneath a few of the last rounds to help keep it in place. Then remove the other end from the cut and slide the whole thing off the roll.

You can now pull your yarn from the center of your ball, which will stay politely in place right next to you, leaving the dust bunnies & other wild critters hiding under the bed, couch or chair until you are ready to cage 'em up.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Waiting for the next swap

While waiting for the next swap, I'm collecting sock patterns (and knitting sox, of course, amongst other crafts). My poor husband swears he's going to need to build a library just for the sock patterns, between the books, the 3-ring binders and the yarn!

But while collecting patterns, I came across something I'd like to share with the rest of you sock fanatics (you have to be fanatics .... you are making socks for people you've never met! LOL)

My least favorite part of making socks is grafting those toe stitches. It can be frustrating, especially on dark yarn, to see what you are doing. Occasionally, I lose a stitch, somehow - I get to the end of the needles and I'm one stitch short on one of them. Where did it go? I can't find it!

So finding a way to avoid that really made my day! And it's *so* easy to do! Once I read it, I wondered why I had never thought to do that on my own, it was *so* obvious!

Okay ... what is this wonderful, magical method (well worthy of Molly, I assure you!) ....

When you've reached the finish of your sock, and you have just the stitches that need to be grafted left on your needles, change to another yarn of the same size, but of a contrasting color. Cut your working thread several inches long (whatever you are comfortable with, you won't be using it for doing the seam). Knit 3 or 4 rounds on the remaining stitches with the new waste yarn. Cut your working thread long enough to thread on your tapestry needle and slip your stitches on to the tail. Now tuck the tube you've just knitted inside your sock, so you have your toe seam 'looking' at you, outlined in your new, contrasting color. Use your sock yarn to cut a piece of yarn several inches longer than your toe seam and start duplicate stitching from the center of your toe seam to each end. (From another website, that I didn't write down, sorry, .... try slipping a plastic easter egg or darning egg inside your sock to make it easier to see what you are doing.) Kitchener stitch is actually just duplicate stitch but done on two live edges instead of on knitted fabric. Now you have knitted fabric to work from, and duplicate stitch is easy to do because all you are doing, literally, is duplicating the stitches that are already there!

Once you've finished your toe seams, and you are sure all the stitches are joined, tidy in all 3 ends (your old working tail as well as both ends of the yarn you just used), remove the egg if you used one, and remove the waste yarn. If you didn't catch it in your stitches, you can even reuse it for the next sock. :)

If you'd like to see the website I got this from, here's the link:

Doing my toes is so much easier now!!



First confession: I sent off my swap package today. Final exams and work trouble got to me, and things fell by the wayside, so I must confess to throwing in a bunch of Guilt Presents. I had to use Muggle Post 'cause my owl refuses to do anything in the daytime, but here's what it looked like before being boxed up:

My pal is a Gryffindor, can you tell??

My second confession is one that I thought would be an incentive at first: I didn't open the package *I* received until my package went out. So my poor upstream pal has been thinking nothing ever got here, when in fact it's been taunting me from my bedside table for a month. ARGH! But today I finally got to crack into it, and man, was it worth the wait!

And underneath all that awesome packing was:

Eeee! I love it. SO MUCH! Irish Breakfast tea, a loverly pink mug, and a little kit to make a wee stuffed owl! Ule, my horned owl,  will be so pleased to have a companion! And - excuse the exclamation marks - a knitters poetry magnet set!!!! Squeeee!!! I've been wanting one of those for-e-ver. And the socks? Freakin' perfect. My roommate thought I was going insane from jumping around. So Auntie Enid Finnegan, I adore you, and thank you SO MUCH! Ahem. I'll tone down the exclamation marks now.

But ladies - both up and downstream - thank you from the bottom of my (now much lighter) heart. Spring semester this year kicked my butt, and I'd like to publicly apologize for my negligence on both ends of the spectrum.

Auntie Enid, you'll be happy to know that Mr. Darcy appreciated your gift to him almost as much as I appreciated your gift to me. He is happily ensconced and has warned the other cats away from his new bed:

He says: Keep out! This Means You!

Friday, May 23, 2008

oh well...

I sent my Owl a while back, and haven't heard how she was received.
And no Owl here yet...
I'm glad it went so well for everyone (else) :)

A little bummed,
Auntie Enid Finnegan

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marvellous Socks Arrived!

Yesterday these incredible socks arrived from Cassandra Black of Slytherin House!

They are the heart of an absolutely dazzling package! Details on my blog, and more pictures of the goodies, too!

Elizabeth Stewart Moody

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OWL's Away

Hello fellow swappers. I am sad to say I was a late OWL. But the OWL's have flown and I am hoping they arrive safley. Hope you all had fun. I sure did. Have a Happy day :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Package arrived

I just got my package from Perenelle today, it is awesome... and as it was my birthday yesterday, it is almost like a birthday present.

I will post pics and more detailed information later on my blog

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If you have not got a package or an email from your pal letting you know it is going to be late please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks!

Forgot to Post

SO sorry my Pal, Olive, sent the most wonderfully creative package...stock full of items all wwrapped and tagged with creatively delightful tags. I am quickly posting a pic and will elaborate in a bit.

I have already worn the socks and made everyone in the ER look at them, LOL. I was truly spoiled

Monday, May 12, 2008

My owl finally arrived!! Poor thing was *so* tired, the box was just stuffed with wonderful items!

The first thing out of the bag, of course were my BEAUTIFUL new socks!!!They are done in stripes, in shades of red and gold with robe-black accent stripes. It took me about 10 seconds to change socks!!! And they fit perfectly! The top of the foot is done in a rib-stitch pattern, so nice because it causes the sock to hug my foot and not slide around - very important to me as I'm a diabetic and have to be so very careful not to accidentally injure my feet. Slippy-slidey socks tend to cause ulcers (big sores) which take forever to heal .... these socks won't do that!!! And since I never thought to mention that in my original request, my partner obviously has perfected the spell of mind-reading! (Wonder if I can talk her out of that spell? Would it work on teenage grandsons???? How about very young grandsons????)

And two packs of a special washing solution to keep my new socks fresh-smelling longer. Yay, 'cause I'll need 'em!!!

AND in a *wonderful* bag marked Polyjuice Potion and lined with stars, I found balls of hyacinth colored Peruvian Highland wool to make more socks! It will make wonderfully warm socks for this winter. ::smiles with delight:: (BTW, I see if I can persuade her to tell me where she got that fabric for the bag! It's perfect!!)

I also received the *coolest* knitting needle ever ... just one ... a circular needle .... that you wear on your wrist! Yes, it's a size 1 straight needle bent into a circle to form a bracelet!! So very, very cool!!!

Also received a bamboo crochet hook (to finish those edges off, you know LOL) .... it's a whole 3" long!!!! Wonder if I can use this to make the sleeves for Molly's Amazing Technicolor Houserobe? hmmmmmmmmmm

And then there's my beautiful new stitch markers in deep ruby and bronze - nice timing because I'm about to start a sock pattern I'll need 'em for.

And TWO patterns! A felted spiral wizard hat and a mini-sock pattern for a keychain holder!

Now, when my daughter brings home the digital camera later today (and I figure out how to get those pictures from *there* to *here*!), I will post a picture of all my goodies!

All in all .... I'm thrilled! (In case nobody figured that out yet!) Can't wait for the next swap!!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pattern request

I've seen so many wonderful socks here ... I hope my owl arrives here soon!

Meanwhile, are we allowed to request a particular pattern? I really love the socks that Chrysta the Cursed knit for her partner and would love to make myself a pair ... especially as I just happen to have those colors on hand!

Lady Felula

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow! Look what the Owl Brought Me!

Chrysta the Cursed of Hufflepuff here. When the Owl Post stopped by my place this weekend I was out. And yesterday I had to work from 7am to 6pm, so the Owlery was closed. I couldn't wait to pick up my package, so I went over on my lunch break. My, what lovely things were in my package! Nymphadora, you done good!

First, a couple things not included in the pictures: a bag of maple sugar candies only found in Canada (They are absolutely yummy!), and two strips of film from the movie. Yes, actually, real stills from the movie, one strip featured Dumbledore and the other was Mad Eye Moody. I think they must be from The Goblet of Fire. How unique!

My socks are the back to basics socks from The way they are formed are so clever. They cup my foot and fit like gloves. The bold yellow and black stripes are so perfect for Hufflepuff. I can't keep the cat away from them!

There was also a Hufflepuff lapel pin, a luscious scented bar of soap, knitting needles that I've been wanting for months, a pack of Soak wool wash, a yarn cutter pendant, stitch markers, and more candy (again, I've only found the Smarties on Canada. These are chocolate candies, not the sweet tart things from the states)

I'm so pleased with everything. Thank you so much, Nymphadora! I'll post on my own blog too,

Monday, May 5, 2008

wonderful package received

I received the most wonderful package today from Selina Starfire. In addition to beautiful socks that fit perfectly, it was filled with all kinds of goodies. She spoiled me!

There's more on my blog. Thank you so much, Selina!

My Owl Almost Didn't Make It!

There was so much in the package that Morgana McGonagall sent to me that the owl was almost overcome by exhaustion. The prime reason for the delivery - the socks - were fantastic! Morgana didn't include just one pair of DPNs, she sent a whole set! Poor owl.

Take a look for yourself...

Not only Prisoner of Azkaban socks in my Ravenclaw colors, but the pattern for them, which is good because I love the pattern and want another pair. Plus, look at all the lovely knitterly accessories!!
Thank you Margana (aka Natalie Olivas) for a superb swap package!!

My Owl Almost Didn't Make It!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Owl Arrived Awhile ago

I must have been dose with a lazziness potion in my morning coffee for the last week because I hadn't gotten around to posting about the package that the lovely Chrysta the Cursed sent me but here is a picture of almost the whole lot, needles were whisked out of the box and into a pair of socks right away!

Hogwarts Sock Swap 3 002

More on my blog.
Thank you so much Chrysta
Sincerly, Ophelia Ballycastle First year Gryffindor.

Owl Arrived and Fashionably Late

So I received a fantastic package from Cliodna Boomslang; however I've been so busy that I haven't publicly thank her yet. Thank you for the wicked Slytherin package, the socks are so comfy that I wore them on my flight to Ottawa that day! She not only put in one bookmark, but two! One of her own design that is based on the Salizar Slytherin's locket that is featured on the Bloomsbury Adult cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's beautiful isn't it? I love everything, Cliodna you did a great job!!

My pal, Daisy Bladvak got her package; however she is swamped with finished her thesis. Everyone wish her the best and check out her thesis project it rocks!
HSS3 package
Socks and a wonderful package from Lisa!
HSS3 Slytherin package from moi

My Owl Arrived!

I got my package from Mafalda Bagman yesterday Love it all!

Here's everything.
Check out my awesome Gyffindor socks.

I wrote lots more about it on my blog- check it out!

Thanks you so much Mafalda!!!

Another owl...

Look what I got today:

a great package from Cressida Townsbury. As if the beautiful socks with the cable up the back weren't enough, she also sent a very cool bag (perfect for carrying sock projects), a Ravenclaw bracelet and stitch markers, some yummy candy (which I already tested, of course), hand wash, my favorite addi turbo needles and a sock pattern. Wow! Thank you so much Cressida!

Fleur Dolohov
1st year Ravenclaw

Monday, April 28, 2008

Owl Post arrives in Oregon

Here is the lovely package that arrived today from Henrietta Sweeting. The only thing that is not in the picture is the copy of the HP House Fair Isle Pouch Bags pattern. I have never seen DPNs that small. They are 5 inches in length so I will most likely use them for baby socks or booties. Big thanks to Henrietta!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Owl landed

A fluffy barn owl dropped a package off this afternoon from Germany, She had a quick snack and some water and was off again. My package came from Clara Clovenhoove she make great hand dyed yarn her etsy store Selana's Handarbeitskram She hand dyed the yarn for my socks and they fit perfectly! She sent me a great journal that she made, stitch markers she made, 2 patterns she wrote, 2 pens she made, Is there anything that she can't do? Some yummy chocolates that the boys are eating right now, English Breakfast tea, hot chocolate, a pair of Addi Turbos My favorite! Thank you so much! I love everything it is wonderful!! I can't wait to see what everyone else is getting!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woah... Owls gallore!

Seems I got a pack of owls at my window today! And one of them was from my upstream partner Celestina Crookshanks! Her owl was quite tired, so I set out some owl treats and a bowl of water and promptly set to shredding all the tissue paper. I can't believe what amazing stuff she sent! Beautiful blue Hand Maiden yarn (is this what hand maidens do when not attending the Queen?), SUPER yummy Huckleberry chocolate, Exploding BonBons, Every Flavor Beans, circular needles charmed by some clever witch named Addi to be "Turbo", and of course... GORGEOUS hand knit socks!

After reading her note on paper made of silver (I think Celestina must come from an old wizarding family to have paper made of silver), it said that I could keep the owl. O_O (Definitely from an old wizarding family!) I promptly squee'd and introduced this young owl to my old family owl. I've now dubbed them Momma and Baby. (However, this appears to have irked my family owl. He seems to not like being called Momma. How odd.)

Thank you so much Celestina! I love it all!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Last Day

Everyone should have there packages out in the mail today, if you have not sent you package please let me know. I have heard from a few people that there's will be late, just let me know what is going on by Monday at the latest. I hope that you all had a good time with the swap and I love seeing all the packages that everyone is getting!

Happy knitting!!
Headmistress Cassandra

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running a little late

Just wanted my pal to know I am running a little late but I will have her package in the mail 4/21/08 I have enjoyed the swap for the second time. Thanks Cassandra for a great swap. I'm looking forward to the next round.

Mafalda Grubbly-Plank