Tuesday, May 27, 2008


First confession: I sent off my swap package today. Final exams and work trouble got to me, and things fell by the wayside, so I must confess to throwing in a bunch of Guilt Presents. I had to use Muggle Post 'cause my owl refuses to do anything in the daytime, but here's what it looked like before being boxed up:

My pal is a Gryffindor, can you tell??

My second confession is one that I thought would be an incentive at first: I didn't open the package *I* received until my package went out. So my poor upstream pal has been thinking nothing ever got here, when in fact it's been taunting me from my bedside table for a month. ARGH! But today I finally got to crack into it, and man, was it worth the wait!

And underneath all that awesome packing was:

Eeee! I love it. SO MUCH! Irish Breakfast tea, a loverly pink mug, and a little kit to make a wee stuffed owl! Ule, my horned owl,  will be so pleased to have a companion! And - excuse the exclamation marks - a knitters poetry magnet set!!!! Squeeee!!! I've been wanting one of those for-e-ver. And the socks? Freakin' perfect. My roommate thought I was going insane from jumping around. So Auntie Enid Finnegan, I adore you, and thank you SO MUCH! Ahem. I'll tone down the exclamation marks now.

But ladies - both up and downstream - thank you from the bottom of my (now much lighter) heart. Spring semester this year kicked my butt, and I'd like to publicly apologize for my negligence on both ends of the spectrum.

Auntie Enid, you'll be happy to know that Mr. Darcy appreciated your gift to him almost as much as I appreciated your gift to me. He is happily ensconced and has warned the other cats away from his new bed:

He says: Keep out! This Means You!


Denise said...

yay - so happy that even the kitty-cat was pleased ;)

Cressida Townsbury said...

I recieved the package and it was beautiful! I will post pics soon.