Monday, May 12, 2008

My owl finally arrived!! Poor thing was *so* tired, the box was just stuffed with wonderful items!

The first thing out of the bag, of course were my BEAUTIFUL new socks!!!They are done in stripes, in shades of red and gold with robe-black accent stripes. It took me about 10 seconds to change socks!!! And they fit perfectly! The top of the foot is done in a rib-stitch pattern, so nice because it causes the sock to hug my foot and not slide around - very important to me as I'm a diabetic and have to be so very careful not to accidentally injure my feet. Slippy-slidey socks tend to cause ulcers (big sores) which take forever to heal .... these socks won't do that!!! And since I never thought to mention that in my original request, my partner obviously has perfected the spell of mind-reading! (Wonder if I can talk her out of that spell? Would it work on teenage grandsons???? How about very young grandsons????)

And two packs of a special washing solution to keep my new socks fresh-smelling longer. Yay, 'cause I'll need 'em!!!

AND in a *wonderful* bag marked Polyjuice Potion and lined with stars, I found balls of hyacinth colored Peruvian Highland wool to make more socks! It will make wonderfully warm socks for this winter. ::smiles with delight:: (BTW, I see if I can persuade her to tell me where she got that fabric for the bag! It's perfect!!)

I also received the *coolest* knitting needle ever ... just one ... a circular needle .... that you wear on your wrist! Yes, it's a size 1 straight needle bent into a circle to form a bracelet!! So very, very cool!!!

Also received a bamboo crochet hook (to finish those edges off, you know LOL) .... it's a whole 3" long!!!! Wonder if I can use this to make the sleeves for Molly's Amazing Technicolor Houserobe? hmmmmmmmmmm

And then there's my beautiful new stitch markers in deep ruby and bronze - nice timing because I'm about to start a sock pattern I'll need 'em for.

And TWO patterns! A felted spiral wizard hat and a mini-sock pattern for a keychain holder!

Now, when my daughter brings home the digital camera later today (and I figure out how to get those pictures from *there* to *here*!), I will post a picture of all my goodies!

All in all .... I'm thrilled! (In case nobody figured that out yet!) Can't wait for the next swap!!


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Petunia Butterbeer said...

Actually the yarn was meant for the Wizard hat, LOL, and the mini hook for picking up dropped sts, I always have at least one with my knitting. I adored the bracelet it is from an ETSY seller, she also has earrings, necklaces. Glas the socks fit and will work for your feet. Enjoy