Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow! Look what the Owl Brought Me!

Chrysta the Cursed of Hufflepuff here. When the Owl Post stopped by my place this weekend I was out. And yesterday I had to work from 7am to 6pm, so the Owlery was closed. I couldn't wait to pick up my package, so I went over on my lunch break. My, what lovely things were in my package! Nymphadora, you done good!

First, a couple things not included in the pictures: a bag of maple sugar candies only found in Canada (They are absolutely yummy!), and two strips of film from the movie. Yes, actually, real stills from the movie, one strip featured Dumbledore and the other was Mad Eye Moody. I think they must be from The Goblet of Fire. How unique!

My socks are the back to basics socks from knitty.com. The way they are formed are so clever. They cup my foot and fit like gloves. The bold yellow and black stripes are so perfect for Hufflepuff. I can't keep the cat away from them!

There was also a Hufflepuff lapel pin, a luscious scented bar of soap, knitting needles that I've been wanting for months, a pack of Soak wool wash, a yarn cutter pendant, stitch markers, and more candy (again, I've only found the Smarties on Canada. These are chocolate candies, not the sweet tart things from the states)

I'm so pleased with everything. Thank you so much, Nymphadora! I'll post on my own blog too, www.ladymaddy.blogspot.com

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