Friday, February 29, 2008

Klick Klick Klick :)

Well, I have finished my socks and even a couple of things to go in the box. I want to decorate the box, first. Just not sure what I want to do, or how. Will help, of course, if I can decide *what* I want to do, then perhaps I can figure out *how* to do it.

I guess I was lucky. I saw a yarn I liked and ordered it within a day of finding out my downline's name and House. And it came very quickly. A pretty hand-dyed yarn. I want to learn to dye my own. Perhaps there'll be a class offered that will help me with that next year. My schedule is pretty full this year already!

I'd ask Prof. Trelawney, but I'm not sure if she'd consider that important enough to ask about. Perhaps Prof. McGonagall would know what classes are being considered for next year.

Lady Felula the Forgetful

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