Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick pal question (for some reason I can't type in the title box?). Do we have one pal that we swap back and forth with (Person A makes stuff for Person B and Person B makes stuff for Person A), or do we have two pals (Person A makes stuff for Person B, but Person B makes stuff for Person C and maybe Person C makes things for Person A)? Just wondering, because the pal who contacted me this morning is not the person whose information I recieved a day or so ago. (I've been away on business, so maybe this question has been answered already and I just can't find it!) I don't mind either way, both pals seem like lovely people, but I just don't want to screw up the system! =) My owls are already batty enough! =)

Narcissa Skrewt of Gryffindor


Cassandra said...

You have a different person knitting for you than who you are knitting for. So you are knitting for A and B is knitting for you.

Does this help?

Narcissa Skrewt said...

Yes, it does, thanks! =)