Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trivia Time! + some trivia guidelines

Hey, fellow students! I have another trivia question for you, but first I'm going to list the trivia guidelines for all the ickle firsties out there, based upon  the trivia guidelines from years 1 and 2. 

1. Leave your answers in the comments section of the trivia post with your name and house
2. The earliest timestamp for a correct answer usually wins the house point, but it is up to the discretion of the prefects.

For myself, I have a couple of other things I've cooked up for trivia. I'm willing to award extra points for the *most* correct answer, for example a character's full name, house, or position; but only to a different poster. For example, my last trivia question regarded Albus Severus Potter, whose initials spell "asp." That's the correct answer, and the point was awarded accordingly. But if another comment was "Albus Severus Potter is the 2nd child of Harry and Ginny Potter," you could earn your house a point as well - again at prefect's discretion.

I may also post sneaky bonus trivia in the comments of a recent already-answered trivia question, so it will behoove you to look at the comments section even if it looks like someone may have already answered! (I haven't done so yet, but any trivia post from me that dates from today on out will be fair game.) Of course, other prefects may decide they like these ideas, so keep a weather eye out!

And with that, here is your trivia question for today:

What is the spell to release live birds from the end of your wand? (This is advanced charms magic, please do not try without supervision!)


alice said...


Tonks Uverymuch/Gryph

Perenelle Pettigrew said...

The spell is Avis. Mr. Ollivander used this spell to test Viktor Krum's wand during the Weighing of the Wands, sending the birds out the window.

Nelle Pettigrew

Penelope of Flitwick said...

You guys are awsome at this!

alice said...

well it's just so much darn fun, how could we NOT love it and play along! hehe.

Dora Dumbledore said...

Brilliantly done, Alice and Perenelle! Now for the bonus question: what were the other 3 spells, and on whose wands?

Allitrya Linchmede said...

The other 3 spells Mr. Ollivander used were as followed:

On Fleur Delacour's "Orchideous!" which produced a bunch of flowers from the tip.

On Cedric Diggory's, he sent a stream of silver smoke rings from the tip.

The final test was on Harry's he made a fountain of wine shoot out of the tip.

Allitryal Linchmede