Saturday, April 19, 2008

Woah... Owls gallore!

Seems I got a pack of owls at my window today! And one of them was from my upstream partner Celestina Crookshanks! Her owl was quite tired, so I set out some owl treats and a bowl of water and promptly set to shredding all the tissue paper. I can't believe what amazing stuff she sent! Beautiful blue Hand Maiden yarn (is this what hand maidens do when not attending the Queen?), SUPER yummy Huckleberry chocolate, Exploding BonBons, Every Flavor Beans, circular needles charmed by some clever witch named Addi to be "Turbo", and of course... GORGEOUS hand knit socks!

After reading her note on paper made of silver (I think Celestina must come from an old wizarding family to have paper made of silver), it said that I could keep the owl. O_O (Definitely from an old wizarding family!) I promptly squee'd and introduced this young owl to my old family owl. I've now dubbed them Momma and Baby. (However, this appears to have irked my family owl. He seems to not like being called Momma. How odd.)

Thank you so much Celestina! I love it all!!!!

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Celestina Crookshanks said...

Wonderfu1! I am so glad that my owl arrived! It was a long transcontinental flight! I am so pleased to hear that you like everything - I don't know if you are brave enough to try Honeydukes candies but I can assure you that the chocolate is both delicious and medicinal (if you have encountered a dementor, that is). Have a good evening and I'm off to watch the PoA (oddly enough I just started watching it when I saw your post!)