Monday, May 5, 2008

My Owl Almost Didn't Make It!

There was so much in the package that Morgana McGonagall sent to me that the owl was almost overcome by exhaustion. The prime reason for the delivery - the socks - were fantastic! Morgana didn't include just one pair of DPNs, she sent a whole set! Poor owl.

Take a look for yourself...

Not only Prisoner of Azkaban socks in my Ravenclaw colors, but the pattern for them, which is good because I love the pattern and want another pair. Plus, look at all the lovely knitterly accessories!!
Thank you Margana (aka Natalie Olivas) for a superb swap package!!

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Natalie said...

Hi Lavender!

I'm so, so happy you like the package and thank you for the kind words! Hope your owl is okay! Anyway, I meant to include a note in your package to tell you that the socks I made you were actually called "River Rapids" and the pattern is available on I actually meant to send you that pattern as well as the POA one but lack of hemoglobin has addled my brain (more than usual)! Enjoy!